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Outpatients | Longview, IA | A First Place | 360-577-7442

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Our treatment philosophy utilizes an eclectic treatment model emphasizing the whole person and incorporating Twelve Step programs, individual, family, and group therapy and education.

Intensive outpatient

Minimum of 72 total hours with nine hours per week comprised of a minimum of one hour education and two hour group process per session.


Minimum of two to six hours (minimum one hour education and one hour process group) per week.

Aftercare/follow up care

Minimum of one hour per week of group process until stability is achieved.

Moral reconation therapy (MRT)

One or two groups per week for twelve to twenty six weeks.

Family and collateral support services

Education, support and referral to other needed and appropriate services. Family involvement is strongly encouraged.


Multi-dimensional assessments are administered to determine level of care and other needed services. All assessments are preformed in accordance with Washington Administrative Code.

Outreach services

Consisting of interventions education on poly-drug abuse/dependence and its effects on both the user and the family.

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